Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thank Your Body Thursday: Intentions

I found this awesome link up through an amazing post: "Trendiest diet of 2013 is the 'love your body' diet." Its taken me a long time but here I am and I'm trendy. :)

When I was my happiest, it wasn't about weight, working out, and food, it was about friends. The happiest I was in 2012 was in December when I hung out with my friends, drank, and ate. The difference is that I know how to eat and workout, and it shouldn't interfere with my life. Yet, I let it when it doesn't have to.

I didn't do a whole 2012 recap post. The year wasn't one of the best, but it wasn't bad either. I've had years when I was less happy. To be honest, this past year wasn't great because I've been fortunate to have amazing years.
  • 2009 - graduated, partied a lot, student taught, started to get towards my goal weight
  • 2010 - substitute taught, went beyond my goal weight but lost my period, made bad choices with a guy, took a terrible full time job
  • 2011 - quit my shitty job, moved back to CA, got an awesome job and another part-time one
  • 2012 - still working the same 2 jobs, worked at the fair in the summer, visited NC after 1.5 years
Those are the big events I remember from the last few years. 2012 was a pretty stagnant year.

January 1st, 2013 is just another day. However, I do admit that I have some intentions and I'm writing those intentions down for the heck of it, because apparently it helps me reach my goals.

For the year, I keep this in mind:

My biggest change since mid-December is not counting calories and not meal planning. Sure, that sounds insane because it's proven to help aide in weight loss. Well, I'm here to say I'm done with it. I know how to eat and I know what to buy each week. I will have to pack lunches and dinners sometimes the night before but I can choose what I have in the fridge that night.

This change creates freedom for me. I am given a choice of what I want to eat. Like tonight, I wanted something warm and I had oatmeal for dinner and some sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

I also had half a snickerdoodle cookie from the new Blackmarket Bakery without guilt.

Workouts are similar. I will have an idea of what classes or activities I can do for the day, but I will pick from those which I want. Or none if I feel tired or weak. Today I chose to run/walk to BodyPump. I attempted more weight on the chest and back tracks. Chest track was almost impossible!
January goals:
  • Apply for 3 teaching jobs. 5 jobs down. All of them in Asheville. I will continue applying for jobs once I get my new recommendations.
  • Read a book. Not sure which yet. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  • Compile a Valentine's Day package for Yance & Weston. 
  • Try castor oil cleansing.
This week's goals:
  • Scan transcripts again. The previous file was too big.
  • Print out CTEL scores & send them.
  • Hang out with my cousin & his friends on Saturday. 
  • Watch "Pretty Little Liars" when it's actually on!
Tomorrow's goals:
  • Sleep in.
  • Finish editing my friend's resume.
  • Text & call my friend. 
  • Watch "Pitch Perfect." It seems like such a fun movie. 
  • Yoga.  Wow, my face looks busted. Forgive me, I'm sick.
  • Download a new ring tone. "Promiscuous Girl" is great but outdated and I'm getting sick of it.
In other news...
I downloaded a new app called Fig, a wellness app I saw on Greatist. It reminds me to do things like hug someone, spend time with friends, and check in with a buddy, which are all things I have to do for the month.

I never shared this awesome bag. I bought it for myself at the Patchwork Indie Arts & Craft Festival from Bungalow 360. It was $10, has tons of pockets, and I can zipper it up. It's much too summery I suppose for the season.

What mantras do you keep? 
How do you thank your body? I would love to treat myself to massages but since those are expensive, I give it rest more now... especially since I'm sick right now.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh. Hopefully that will make sense after you watch Pitch Perfect. ahhhhhhh if not. Im sorry for this awkward comment lol Also, I love the not counting calorie thing! however I am not at the point yet where i know the right amount. or maybe i do and i just dont care when i get down to eating lol hopefully some day ill get there