Monday, January 28, 2013

MIMM: Sidecar & Greenleaf

The fridge is completely empty (minus condiments and a tub of Greek yogurt). I'm even running out of oat flour for my protein oatmeal pancakes.

On Saturday, I woke up early to knock out my workout and in case my body was going to start churning like it did last night - cramps so bad I had to sit and almost went home, which hasn't happened since high school!

Boot camp to see my favorite "workout buddy," a man whose group I always join when circuit training. We have the same strengths so I can gauge my abilities.

I quickly showered and headed out the door to Kean Coffee for... coffee.

I was also waiting on the Sidecar Doughnut van as were at least 25 other people.

They brought 3 donuts - huckleberry, coffee-flavored, and cinnamon crumb. I went with the cheaper cinnamon crumb made with almond flour for $2, cheaper than than the other two ($3.50!).

I ate a corner and went in search of lunch.

I finally found Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop. I'm wary of salad places but got the most amazing salad and just-okay sweet potato fries, which I half ditched.

Lemongrass chicken salad with local mixed greens, chicken, grilled pineapple, mango, toasted coconut, Thai chili and basil, and a lemongrass lychee vinaigrette on the side

Without the dressing: ~282 calories. Not shabby at all.

Perfect size for lunch before and dinner after work.

The restaurant was gorgeous and has a cute market attached.

Awesome ceiling! ;)

On Sunday morning, I ditched my usual yoga class for a free Hip Hop Hustle class. It had the label of "hardcore" behind it. The hardcore meant 3 rounds of 5 moves for 1 minute each: burpees, jump squats, crab toe touches, walk out to push-up, plank knee-to-elbow in between the routine.

Hip Hop Hustle creator Chalene Johnson 

I just home from staff development day, had lunch, and am now preparing for my scheduled nap time! Then 4 days in a row of my PM job tonight but a few days off after that.

Have you tried a new dance format as an adult? I once took an adult ballet class not knowing that everyone had danced in their youth. Yikes.
Do you schedule naps?


  1. Holy yum that donut looks amazing!!! Send one my way!

    I don't schedule naps, I rarely nap due to bad sleeping at night already ;)

    Happy Monday!

  2. The donut looks good. But that salad, it looks like an explosion in your mouth!! Yummy!