Monday, January 14, 2013

MIMM: Weekend in pictures & BodyPump primer

Back to work but the weekend was relaxing.

Post yoga, put on a striped dress & Friday morning treat: Kean coffee.

Fresh, warm wine flour foccacia from Blackmarket Bakery

My version of Sprint 2 The Table's sweet potato chicken salad

Saturday late morning BodyPump launch with my favorite instructor Jamie. I added weight on every track except biceps and could hardly finish. That's the point, right? Sure, I'd love to finish but struggling, especially on those last few reps, is what changes your body. It took a long time for me to figure it out.

Here's my BodyPump weight selection from yesterday:
  • Warm-up - 20 lbs
  • Squats - 40 lbs
  • Chest - 25 lbs
  • Back - 35 lbs
  • Triceps - 25 lbs
  • Biceps - 15 lbs
  • Lunges - 30 lbs
  • Shoulders - 10 lbs on the bar + switch between 5 & 10 lb plates in each hand
*I learned that because BodyPump works each muscle group for 3-4 or so minutes, it's not the same as the weight I can do in the weight room; it's much less.

Thai green curry sauce for chicken and coconut milk for paleo magic bars I've always wanted to make

Slept in and headed to yoga Sunday morning. My booty and tris were sore from BodyPump yesterday.

I had time to test a round of Lorna Kleidman's kettlebell workout. She's in her mid-40s and looks amazing!

Lorna Kleidman's Kettlebell Workout
  • 20 double arm swings (25#)
  • 10 each side lateral lunge, open arm (20#)
  • 10 each side zip & change (20#)
  • 10 each side backward lunge, pass (20#)
  • 10 each side plank row, pass (20#)
  • 10 each side kneeling hinge (20#)
*I used 20 lbs for all the moves except the double arm swing.

Finally, I found an amazing blog with Eat, Lift & Be Happy. I loved it so much that I went through all the posts and found my favorite posts:
Her writing style is easy to read, and I have this penchant for trusting women who look so good and fit.

Off to finish more cover letters and watch "Raising Hope" for the rest of my relaxing weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. My weekend was low key but wonderful!

    I am happy to see your weekend was great too girl!

    Hoping your week is fab! <3

  2. I'm so glad you liked the sweet potato chicken salad!

    Way to go with the Body Pump. That sounds like a great class!

    1. Thanks Laura! Doesn't look as good as yours but still very tasty.