Friday, February 1, 2013

February goals

Happy Friday! Sadly, Friday means almost nothing to me because I've worked all day and will wake up early to workout and work tomorrow. And my feet hurt.

Today is officially February. That was quick.

Monthly goals:
  • Apply for 10 more jobs. Big step up from last month.
  • Read a book.
  • Send Yancey and Weston's Valentine's Day package.
  • Practice yoga, stretching, or walk 2xs each week in addition to regular workouts.
  • Get back to budgeting weekly.
My February book is... Safe Haven! I have 14 days to read it before the movie comes out. Actually, I'm not too worried - I don't plan on seeing it.

Weekly goals:
  • Scan the random documents schools want.
  • Sleep 8 hours each night. Today was day 1 of 6 in a row I'll work at my other job.
  • Buy vegetables - zucchinis and peppers.
  • Make faux samoas to make up for not having Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Paint my nails.

What are your February goals?
Did you reach your January goals?

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