Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Ok Thursday: Living 5AM-10PM

Its Ok Thursdays

Monday: No time for all this. It's okay to have a busy, packed day. Better than not.

Tuesday: I bought my plane ticket to the Blend Retreat! Waiting to hear about work before I buy my plane ticket to San Francisco for spring break... It's okay to plan trip after trip.

Wednesday: Alarm. Insanity. It's okay - the instructors/coaches there wake up this early and they work all day/evening! Wonder if they take naps though.

Second intro to CrossFit class. It's okay to be scared. I haven't been scared in a long time.

Scratch that 9:25 alarm - I'm at yoga. Might as well since I was awake. Sadly, I was so fatigued from BodyPump on Tuesday.  It's okay to modify chaturangas (on my knees) even at this stage of my yoga practice.

Tomorrow is my first real CrossFit class. I like the element of surprise but was too curious about my first WOD. Doable.

It's not yet 10 and I'm ready for bed. Another 5 AM wake up call and 10:30-7:30 work schedule Thursday and Friday. Yikes.

Have you tried CrossFit or a WOD?


  1. I wake up at 3am everyday hahaha, however I go to bed at 8pm. I like to workout and shower before my job starts at 6am :) Once you get used to it, it feels normal!
    Love your blog! You're brave for trying crossfit! I'm a gym rat 8-)

  2. That's awesome AND insane! I work 10:30-7:30 some days so by the time I get home, it's 8 or so and I can't get in bed right away. Today's CrossFit WOD was a MetCon (metabolic conditioning) so ended up being easier than usual.