Saturday, February 16, 2013

V for Valentine's & Vermont Peanut Butter

I didn't get a proper chance to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. Here ya go:

Inappropriate maybe but love it!

I worked all Valentine's Day. I treated myself to some pink foods though.

Usual oatmeal protein pancakes made with strawberry Greek yogurt but didn't turn out so pink.

Raspberry chia kombucha was... okay.

Friday night, my cousin treated me to Italian ice. I went with peanut butter and mint chocolate chip and am probably the only person to go with non-fruity flavors.

On Friday, I also picked up my shipment from Netrition, Vermont Peanut Butters!
  • Avalanche - One of my favorite peanut butters, from Peanut Butter & Co, is peanut butter and white chocolate. Same here but nuttier. More real and my favorite of the three.
  • Good Karma - This is a combo of dark chocolate and peanut butter. The dark chocolate taste is light, almost too faint to taste though.
  • Maple Walnut - Walnut butter is new to me and whole walnuts were completely unexpected. This wasn't for me.
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? I've indulged in desserts this week!
Have you had Italian ice?

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