Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's OK Thursday: "Robert"

Woohoo! Finally off for a few days, and boy did I go hard. And it's definitely OK!
Its Ok Thursdays

I tried to sleep in but got sucked into guilt. Work out, my head said. I started driving and ended up going to Target to buy my co-worker a Hello Kitty "Happy Birthday" sign instead.

I came home, ate breakfast in bed, and decided to start CrossFit.

A couple of my co-workers are traditionalists - they prefer slow and steady weight lifting and consider CrossFit extreme and injury prone.

I've been thinking about CrossFit for a long time ever since it became all the rage. I will try anything once, or as with spin/indoor cycling, twice a week for a month before giving up. :) Otherwise, I like most workouts and in particular, boot camps.

I'll cue you in when I start.

Anyways, after work, I went for my hour and a half massage. Time flew by. My massage therapist, Robert, was a big guy who specialized in deep tissue massage. I had kinks and tightness in my neck, which he killed.

Next up was yoga with... Robert. Different Robert. Since I was early, I headed straight for the stair climber. Its been a long time. Last week, Katrina of the Tone It Up girls mentioned she did an hour on the stair climber so I decided to give it a shot. I aimed for 20 minutes at a relatively fast pace/walking pace.

*P.S. Tip: Don't hold onto the handles for dear life. Not the way to do it. Stay upright.

Yoga was tough as usual. Robert teaches power yoga style and I always drip in sweat.

By the time I got home, I was starving! I didn't eat before my massage and didn't want to eat anything heavy before working out. I ended up eating a sample size thinkThin bar from Whole Foods next door.

I quickly showered while my 1/2 sweet potato cooked in the microwave then spiraled some zucchini and warmed up sauce. HIT THE SPOT.

I ate all the "pasta" in oh, 5 minutes? I spent another 15 minutes working on the sweet potato with soy jalapeno cheddar.

Finished off with some chocolate. Spicy.

Do you like the TIU girls or Blogilates? I went to a Blogilates meet up. Though I love her workouts, I'm not so much a fan of her. Sorry if you're a fan, but we're entitled to our own thoughts. Conversely, I love the TIU girls and only just like their workouts.

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