Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five Friday: Liquid awesome

I don't usually get so excited for Friday, but it's a no-work weekend and the end of my long days. No more 5 AM wake up - tomorrow I sleep in till 6:30! - and 10:30-7:30 workdays. Actually, I "slept in" till 7 this morning and skipped CrossFit. *Once I go to a few more classes, I'll give you the details on my experience.

The tropical cooler from Nekter Juice Bar was a lifesaver yesterday. I had a coupon for $2 off! :)

Today, after sleeping in, I went to sign some paperwork for my summer job and stopped by Gypsy Den to satisfy my coffee addiction. Wait... I'm not addicted to coffee. I just needed this to get through the day and boy did it work!

I ran out of Greek yogurt for my oatmeal protein pancakes so rolled with A Dash of Meg's coconut protein pancake. Honestly, it's rather dry but totally fills me up and takes me forever to finish.

On tomorrow's agenda:

What's on tap for you weekend?

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