Sunday, March 31, 2013


Monday Borrowed this cow-print dress from my mom. Good cut, weird pattern.

Finally got my CPR card!

Used my Starbucks Groupon to get through the day.

Looked in my rear view mirror and saw my car?! Trippy.

Tuesday Pineapple in bed. It was still dark when I started working on my last assignment this morning.

Got up and made oatmeal protein pancakes for breakfast.

I proceeded to go to work, go to job #3, ate soup, and broke for a glorious, sweaty yoga practice.

I came home and almost wrapped up the last assignment. I just have a summary to finish in the morning. Sadly, it's not quite my last assignment. I have another, shorter paper to write. I guess I'll have to do a little work on vacation.

Now for the good news:
  • The district is being super cooperative! I'm resigning my position in May and taking on a long-term sub position the next day. While I declined before, a long-term substitute position is beneficial: I'm at one site, I work in special education/stay with my kids, and I'm teaching history. She has a tough course load though.
  • I leave for vacation tomorrow! I threw clothes, toiletries, etc in/on top of my bag as I walked by it today.
What are you excited about?

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