Monday, March 11, 2013

MIMM: Old Towne Orange

After boot camp on Saturday, I headed to Orange, CA.

Train tracks near the farmer's market

Hit up Front Porch Pops' creamy vanilla caramel for breakfast?

Picked up $13 goat cheese from Milk Man L.A. Hm, in retrospect, not worth it. It's much more pungent than my usual goat cheese.

Brunch at Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe again. I got the maple & brown sugar chicken with quinoa (less oil this time) and roasted squash.

Went to Old Towne Orange

The Orange Circle for antiquing 1970s style

Bar cart and colorful cups

$75 for the set of canisters! Yikes!

Picked up more Front Porch Pops for home. Got 2 pumpkin spice for free.

Old Towne Orange has gorgeous homes nearby, but they're as expensive as home here without the convenience. Too bad.

Beautiful day

The time change completely killed me. I was at the ER with my mom when it occurred - she has pneumonia - and they took an extra hour because their computers to discharge her were down.

I took an afternoon 1.5 hour nap today and then headed to yoga at 7:30 and still light out. Weird, and we had a sub! Thankfully, I liked her style, which isn't usually the case for group fitness instructors at the gym.

I'm not sure how I feel about "extra" daylight because I was already enjoying it in the morning.

How have you dealt with the springing forward?
Is it hard for you to find quality yoga instructors at a regular gym?
Any adventures this weekend? I missed the Kite Party nearby this weekend. A friend went and it looked like so much fun!

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