Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIAW: Melatonin & chocolate

Last week was tough with the time change. This week, I bought some melatonin and chocolate. The melatonin worked and I was fast asleep within an hour on Monday and within 30 minutes on Tuesday.

I slept well and made it to CrossFit on Tuesday. In my brand new capris from TJ Maxx. Sure, I work at an active wear store, but I don't like our clothes for working out nor do I like them much at all actually...

Thanks to a sale and a coupon, I tried Evolution Fresh. Without apples, this was very green tasting. At least it's good for me.

I went to my first day at job #3. I now have keys to a gorgeous 1940s property. My job involves e-mails, spreadsheets, and phone calls, which I don't mind as much as I thought.

I stopped by Trader Joe's after work and bought some black bean soup, added chicken, onions, and corn and am calling it dinner for the next few nights. Hm, not so attractive though.

I got to bed all early... and forgot to slide my alarm to the "on" position. I missed CrossFit so went to yoga instead. To make up for it, I attempted some pull-ups and failed but succeeded in some good deadlifts. :)

Fortunately, I slept undisturbed 9:45 and woke up at 7:45 the next morning. Never happens. Usually, I toss a bit during the night. The hopes of repeating that again tonight are slim. I started doing some homework and it's quite late. :(

Where do you buy your workout clothes? I have some lululemon reversible wunder unders from awhile back. They're not see-through! The new ones are made with thinner fabric and I can see all the bumps/cellulite in my legs. Otherwise, my favorites come from the Kyodan brand from TJ Maxx.
Does anyone like burpees? Tomorrow's workout includes burpees, which I like... because I can do them!

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  1. Workout clothes (pants/capris) are tough for me because I'm really short and have a round bottom, so finding something that fits my thighs w/o looking embarassing and the right length is challenging. I've found that Athleta fits the best and I just bought some Gap Active pants that work well too.