Monday, March 18, 2013

MIMM: St. Patrick's Day weekend

I have 2 upcoming trips and want to go on a third one for Memorial Day weekend. Of course, prices are ridiculous.

Oatmeal protein pancakes as always.

Only 8 frozen yogurt

A box of 12 chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bars! This was instantly my favorite flavor.

I love the back of the box.

Thanks Janetha for the heads up on cheap coconut butter. $5.99!

I started St. Patty's Day off with semi-green oatmeal protein pancakes. All I did was add some matcha green tea powder.

Afterwards, I headed to a CrossFit St. Patrick's Day cookout and brought Janetha's spicy six-layer dip. Easy winner.

I met members who go to the later classes, had chicken kielbasa, drank Guinness and a bourbon cocktail, and... had to go to work. :(

Now if I could actually make it to CrossFit. I'm aiming for 3 sessions per week. Today was a no-go. I slept for almost 11 hours - totally needed after this weekend and before this week. I knew my body was fatigue after struggling terrible with simple yoga poses.

Everyone else must've had a tough weekend too - looks like only 5 people showed up for the WOD named after me this morning, which by the way, is the WOD of my nightmares: double unders (can't do, must practice), wall balls (ouch), and toes to bar (huh?). I really have to stop cherry-picking my WODs.

Do you cherry pick your WODs, if you do CrossFit?
What did you do to celebrate this weekend?


  1. YES! Those quest bars are the BEST ones yet! I need to order more!!

  2. Please take me to long beach with you! And 6 bucks for the coconut butter is a steal!

    I have matcha powder I have been dying to make pancakes/smoothies with. I need to do this. thanks for the reminder