Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIAW: 3 Pinterest recipes

My mom has pneumonia. I went to buy her antibiotics and while waiting, decided to buy ingredients for chicken corn chowder. Instead of cheddar cheese, I used cottage cheese. Not the same but better for me. I also decreased the corn and added onions, celery, and enoki mushrooms. I've had this for lunch since Monday and it'll last me till Friday.

I also whipped up some toasted coconut breakfast spread with the last of my coconut flakes, which I burned again. The time between white and black are a few seconds!

Another Pinterest recipe, apple streusel breakfast pizza. I cheated - I didn't even use pizza dough just a Trader Joe's whole wheat flatbread.

Tuesday's WOD. 
Things I can do: sled pushes(!), box jumps (LOVE THESE), kettlebell snatches (added weight but need more), and get sandbag on my shoulder (FIRST ONE TOO!). Things I cannot do: keep sandbag on my shoulder for 400m. 

Halfway through, I dropped the bag and couldn't get it back up for the life of me. I was the very last one even though I was first to get the bag on! A nice guy came to save me by putting the bag on my shoulders for the last 150m.

At night, I'm roughly 3-5 pounds heavier. Okay, I'm just 3-5 heavier in general probably. Shoot. I'm eating super clean (see above) and lifting more so let's say it's muscle and not fret.

Last week was NEDA (National Eating Disorders Awareness) week. I was a few days late but my period came and I'm glad. That's 1 year and 3 months of consistency after not having a period for 1.5 years!

Also, peeked a picture of 3 strong ladies. Look at those strong legs!

So here are my legs:

I wear short shorts.

I missed today's WOD because I wanted sleep and because I was hesitant about a partner workout. The WOD included ball slams, deadlifts, and 2 exercises I did tonight: sandbag (eek that darn sandbag again) GTO (ground to overhead) and 200m partner carry.

I did my own WOD after work with a 50# bag of rice (already opened so I put in an opened 20# bag of brown rice inside) and my partner, my 90# cousin.

What's the coolest way you've improvised workouts?
What's the last thing you made off Pinterest?

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