Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 days of CrossFit

Okay, so what's this CrossFit fad?

First off, the outfits are awesome. Check out this blog with boards of CrossFit fashion!

A couple of years ago, my friend Daniel started doing CrossFit and eventually got certified. I then met a woman who had a body I coveted - thick, toned, and strong.

For so long I wanted to get small until it backfired and I was so teeny and weak. As I recovered, I noticed that I was stronger and loved using weights not my weight as a measure of my success. (That's just me rambling on about myself again.)

I've wanted to try CrossFit and I know you do too. I took the leap and did it - the most scared I've been in... ever.

I went to 2 intro classes. Most everyone had LivingSocial deals. In the classes, we worked with PVC pipes and watched a class in action. Still nervous...

So far, I've gone thrice and on days with shorter workout. I thought I did pretty well on time but had a reality check with weight. For example, I've done step-ups with a 35# bar, but a 30# ball proved difficult. I've also done kettlebell lunges but never with the weight overhead and does that change things!

Waking up at 5 A.M. has been a struggle, but I like the 6 A.M. group.

Thursday WOD "Havanah"
1 arm overhead kettlebell lunge (20 lbs)
Plated Russian twist (25 lbs)
Run 200m between each set
Score - 12:20 

I went on my first day to a Metcon, or metabolic conditioning. I wasn't too nervous - I had this in the bag, right? After a static warm up, the coach proceeded to give us lots of direction and practice. However, the directions the coach gave was jumbled and I didn't know when to be in what position. He had me go lower on my kettlebell weight and I stuck with it throughout.

Because the workout was quick, I didn't very sweaty. I'm not a runner but enjoyed the running portion; it was quick and running with others made it easier. Not the best first experience since this is a workout I can put together on my own.

Monday WOD "Nguyen"
3 rounds
9 overhead squat
200m plate carry (20-50 lbs)
12 single-leg sandbag step ups (30 lbs)
Score - 16:27

One of my high school classmates got the same LivingSocial deal for this gym - they don't call it a box - so we met up. I haven't spoken to her in years and never really talked in high school either, but there's a thing called Facebook now. I also saw a couple of my intro class buddies and familiar faces from last time.
We warmed up with air squats against the wall, pretty much groping it. Weird to watch and harder to do than I thought. We then picked up PVC pipes and practiced before getting bars. I started with the "women's bar" but quickly found that I couldn't hold it overhead and squat. Seeing that, a nice guy got me the trainer's bar that was far easier. Maybe I should've added some 10#.

I started the plate carry with two 10# - way too light. I went with two 25# - too heavy by the end. Though I should've stuck with it, I went for one of each in the last round. The step-ups was a wake up call. I grabbed too heavy of a sandbag (60#) and had to demote myself to 30# after failing at 40#. I slung the weight on my shoulder and struggled with my left side but did okay, except when practicing, I didn't keep my entire foot on the box... and was subjected to 5 burpees. :) I didn't mind because Coach Carter - yep, that's his name - gets on everyone.

Everyone was much friendlier today. I'm still trying to warm up to Coach Carter though, or well, I'm trying to break through his hard and sarcastic demeanor.

Thursday's WOD "Salazar"
3 rounds
15 wall balls (14 lbs)
Max effort front squats (33 lbs x 95)
Rest 3 minutes
15 box jumps (20 inches)
Max effort push press (33 lbs x 105)

I started with a trainer bar but could actually do a women's bar once I knew it was 33 lbs. I wanted to add plates, but 10# plates were gone. I made up with it by doing more reps.

I anticipated box jumps the night before and practiced them. I ended up doing a good job on them, putting forth a "douche bag" chest. Wall balls were much more difficult - I kept catching it at the bottom of the squat.

In the end, I placed within the girls. I wasn't the last one in my group and definitely not near the bottom of all athletes from the day.

I would love to continue with CrossFit a couple of times each week. Unfortunately, the cost is too much for going so little. I love the facilities and would love some personal training and use for the WODs.

Have you tried CrossFit?
Has anyone tried CrossFit and decided it wasn't for them?


  1. omg I laughed so hard at your "You love this job" alarm!

  2. Crossfit sounds like something I would love, but it's so expensive. I think you did a great job!

  3. Crossfit sounds like something I would love, but it's so expensive. I think you did a great job!

  4. I've never done crossfit, how long are the workouts on average? It seems to be something many people love...is it as fun as sports etc?