Monday, March 25, 2013

MIMM: Sandwiches

Field trip Friday: the students get doughnuts...

And I eat protein pancakes.

I didn't pack enough food/we're out of food. I stopped by Avocado Cafe for a turkey sandwich. I ate half and saved the other half for my next shift... except my shift got cut so my sandwich, delicious as it was, was thrown out. :(

I'm on a sandwich kick. The hardest thing for me to buy: bread. I chose this for it's smaller size so I can have a perfectly sized sandwich.

My sandwich: soy cheddar, avocado, tomato, turkey, lettuce, & mustard.

I got my whole family into sandwiches. Cousin Catherine went to Jersey Mike's.

We also got some frozen yogurt on the way. Mine is the brown one with peanut butter and carob chips!

My mom wanted a hot sandwich from Mr. Pickles'.

Then I bought a new bra.

Not lululemon. It's a brand I love (kyodan) from Marshall's!

Off today.

Headed to CrossFit. Sundays are packed. A few of the guys come in to do an extra WOD. While getting a jump rope, I was mesmerized by their back muscles as they synchronously did pull ups shirtless. Don't you love that description? It was dreamy.

I partnered up to help count reps. My partner went first and knocked out 140 wall balls in 12 minutes. Only 3 people even got to jump ropes on 13.3 of the CrossFit Open WOD. I was a tad bit above average with the girls - I got 97 wall balls. Wall balls are killer! I couldn't get into a rhythm; the ball kept hitting me in the face or I would catch it incorrectly.

I ate a sandwich, napped, attempted work, had dinner of 1/2 sweet potato & cottage cheese, and watched "Girls." The show is growing on me.

One [tough] assignment and 3 more days of work till vacation! I bought a dress for going out and tried a couple more on today. Good news: I wear small dresses and I have bruises on my legs - hardcore!

When's your next trip?
What are your favorite sandwiches?


  1. YAY for vacation being so close!!!!

    Love the froyo and glad you had a great weekend! <3

  2. LOVE the back to the bra. Absolutely adorable!