Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIAW: Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe + A Day in the Life

I had Monday afternoon off so I drove 30 minutes to Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe in Orange to try out some healthier eats and yummy treats. The experience was amazing - they came out with sample plate of all the fancy chicken flavors (or pork or fish if you'd like) and let me sample desserts too. I scored a free cookie. Great service and good food - I want to go again tomorrow!

Apple pie cookie for me; bacon chocolate chip for my cousin.

Sampled and bought gluten-free apple pie

California citrus chicken with scallion quinoa & garlic noodles. Ate all the chicken but had 2 meals worth of leftovers on the sides.

I decided to catalog my day, an idea from Back to Her Roots. Hers is so much cooler so I'll give it a shot again tomorrow when I'm not just working all day.

Woke up at 5 but canceled on CrossFit and slept in till 7 instead. You'll see why - I had a long day ahead.

Still needed the coffee.

Bottom half-dressed

Water and posting homework/responses early.

Oatmeal protein pancakes eaten immediately after consuming some water and feeling it slush around in nothingness.

Job searching

Went to yoga instead. I never sit in the back! The change of perspective was good though.

Booked my spring break 2013 trip!

My car always looks like this. I ate some tropical fruit on the way to work.

They were supposed to watch a movie. Clearly, they did not and I was eating my lunch.

Quick stop by Whole Foods just because I had time.

The ocean ahead. Too bad it'll be rainy the next couple of days.

I just needed a teeny bit of frozen yogurt.

Not pictured: salmon and broccoli for dinner.
Finally leaving work at 8:10 P.M.

Carrots on the way home

Double batch of oatmeal protein pancakes with cocoa powder for my nighttime snack and breakfast tomorrow

Off to bed and hopefully CrossFit tomorrow morning! I practiced some box jumps in anticipation for tomorrow.

What's your go-to nighttime snack?

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