Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WIAW: Hungry for the elections

I was starving all day! Despite my oatmeal protein pancakes and chicken salad, I had Snikiddy cheddar cheese baked chips and 1/2 a mint chocolate chip protein bar.

By 3 P.M., I headed over to zpizza for their Election Day special: $1.25 slice. Pizza is sometimes necessary.

I headed to school early to make sure one of my kids did his history homework in study skills class. I loved chatting about history(!) and shared family stories about living under Communism.

I also love working with the science teacher. I'm always learning. I even take notes on interesting topics I know nothing about...

When I came home, I was all over the T.V. and the presidential election. I didn't watch the debates, but I absolutely love watching the results come in, learning about current events and history.
  • About 73% of the electorate is white. Same goes for the U.S. population. I like how the electorate reflects our demographics. At first I was worried that only 26% of the electorate were minorities. I have no idea where the last 1% went...
  • 4 million more Hispanics are registered to vote in 2012 than in 2008.
  • In 2008, when I was living there, North Carolina went blue with less than a 1% margin.
  • North Florida is red, South Florida/Miami's Cubans go red, and the middle (Tampa & Orlando) are up in the air. Wait, how does that make Florida such a battleground state then?
Besides the presidential election and more important to me, is the vote on Prop 30 here in California. I'm surprised at the results thus far (17% reporting) and am upset by them.

In any case, keep in mind that China's children go to school on Saturdays and we are continuously cutting our education.

We haven't been the world power for long and it only take one generation to change it.

While watching, I completed a body weight circuit by One Fit Foodie. I liked that I could do it at home because sometimes shoes should be optional, especially with my feet problem. I also wanted something lighter since I went hard yesterday and I'm feeling sickly.

Dinner: vegan sweet potato & quinoa chili over spinach and some avocado

Clearance! Tastes mostly like white chocolate.

Time for a bit of studying and movie watching before bed.

Did you watch the elections? What did you learn?

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  1. pizza is USUALLY a necessity around these parts. ;-)

    I didnt't watch any of the elections because I don't have cable. but a friend kept me updated and I was checking NPR and vote tallies online.