Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIAW: Cold & sick

After trying to get a walk-in yearly check-up at the doctor yesterday, I was turned away with an appointment for a Friday 3 weeks from now! :( Oh, the joys of low cost healthcare.

I took the time to visit one of my old haunts: Barnes and Noble. While there was some partying in high school, I went to the bookstore to pretend to be smart.

Right up my alley...

Now that I work at this high school, I bleed GREEN! We've been looking for a cheaper but acceptable green color for a long time. This is e.l.f. for Target ($1.99).

We made cake pops yesterday. I'm not a fan of making them or eating them. I do like decorating them.

Since I moved, I don't have many supplies for decorating...

My mom bought me pork spring rolls (2 for lunch, 2 for dinner) and a pumpkin spice macaron. She knows me so well!

Except I've had a hard time enjoying food because I'm sick. I couldn't decide for the life of me what I wanted to eat... I even ignored those samples at Costco!

Do you lose your appetite when you get sick? I normally don't! I made myself a cheese quesadilla last night and was pretty disgusted with it.


  1. I definitely lose my appetite when I have a really bad cold, but if it's just the sniffles I eat everything! haha

  2. For some reason, my appetite gets very strong when I'm sick. The other night the husband was sick & just not in the mood for anything. I couldn't understand why haha!