Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five Friday: Love with Food & Pirates

Not only is it Friday but it's officially Thanksgiving break! We get a whole week off and I'm thankful because I have THE BIG EXAM next week. I'll have time to study for it.

I only had to work this morning so it's crunch time tonight along with some "Pirates!" watching. One of the teachers recommended the claymation movie and it's a perfect mindless movie for my cousin and I.

After a late, late customer last night, I got home around 8:45 and saw my first Love with Food box. I was totally impressed and quickly ate my turkey jerky.

I've had raw Inka Corn. Definitely like this one more.

Pre-breakfast fruit

Then I took some NyQuil and was asleep by 9:30. I woke up at 6 but tossed and turned till 7.

With all that sleep, I was ready for a killer workout. I could barely muster 7 minutes on the stair climber as I huffed and puffed - darn cold. I gave up and just went with three rounds of workouts minus the running. Traditional cardio just wasn't happening.

As I was leaving, one of the trainers told me he was watching my workout and I did great and worked out hard. Thanks! :) The workout was shorter (~30-40 minutes) than the first time (~1 hour) I completed it, mostly because I didn't hesitate with box jumps.

I made oatmeal protein pancakes with the mulling spices I got in my Love with Food box... the taste was faint.

I almost forgot the coconut chocolate chip cookie batter I made two days ago. Sadly, I forgot the egg till later and it turned out crumblier than before. They didn't bake as well but do taste just as good.

Then it was off to see my kids.

I'll miss them next week though THE BIG EXAM will be on my mind too much to even care.

This has been my studying plan:
  • Buy the highly recommended book and take forever and a year to get through it
  • Go over the sample questions and see which parts need more work
  • Review sample questions I got wrong and relearn those concepts
  • Find and review online random PowerPoints on the subject
  • ...and find and review random online flashcards to see how much I know/don't know
  • Try the sample questions again
  • Sit and write answers to the short-answer questions and practice writing! Computer-based exams are hard - I took the GRE and CBEST - especially the written portions.
I can't wait to finish so I can commence reading books! I'm illogical and believe that any new knowledge will push out all the studying! Let me be...

Other food from the day
Spunky Monkey Pumpkin Pie (1/2 recipe)

Tall non-fat gingerbread latte. No whip.

I'll be back in the morning with my Thanksgiving plans, or lack thereof.

Have you tried the Love with Food monthly yet?

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