Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Ok Thursday: Thanksgiving 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...
  • to be starving shortly after a late brunch.
  • to want to skip out on Black Friday lines in lieu of online deals. I'm stalking Amazon!
  • to watch "kid" movies all day.
  • that we roasted a chicken instead of a turkey.
  • that I'm spending Thanksgiving with the people I see everyday.  They're the best anyways! One day I want to have a giant family Thanksgiving - I'll have to marry into a more cooperative and large family.
  • to get excited to read. I've ignored reading anything while studying for yesterday's exam.
  • that I will be buying fewer gifts this year. I'm saving money plus I want to buy myself presents. Rant: I am a fantastic present-buyer but in return, get thoughtless gifts. Examples: random and ugly purse and one of those novelty hot chocolate mug sets. :( I'd rather not get anything in return...
Happy Thanksgiving! My morning started with a packed hour and a half workout "Core, Cardio, and More" class. The class consisted of strength, very similar to BodyPump, and bursts of cardio in between. I've taken the class before but the random cardio moves with free weights were too confusing and thus, less effective.

Today's class was awesome... till the last 10 minutes of abs. Any class that ends with abs then planks is basically time for me to struggle or pretend to do ab work and lay down in surrender. It's pretty sad to watch...

I was starved when I came home and made A Dash of Meg's coconut protein pancakes again: 4 egg whites, 1/2 c almond milk, 2 tbsp coconut flour, and baking powder. Total protein = 40g. With some blueberries on top. The portion is huge and takes me roughly 30 minutes to eat while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

On tap for today:
  • Buy more blueberries
  • Watch one of my Pixar favorites, "Ratatouille," and "The Tooth Fairy." Pixar has so many hits - "Monsters, Inc." is my other favorite - so I was disappointed when I watched "Brave" last night. I couldn't pay attention. 
  • Read! Now that I'm finished with the big exam, I can inhale knowledge!

  • (source)
Oh yes, the big exam yesterday was 6 hours long! I took parts 1 and 3 first in 3 hours. Part 3, the cultural portion, was laughable. Seriously, I laughed aloud at some of those questions.

There was no laughing when I took the final exam, part 2. The exam took me 3 hours by itself. Not only was it detailed and I was dead tired, one of the written questions was completely beyond me. None of the study materials I looked at addressed the topic! I came up with the best answer I could and am crossing my fingers.

My booty and back hurt from sitting for so long and had to sit in an hour's worth of rush hour traffic to get home. I refused to sit until bedtime! I could never ever work a desk job with a computer!

To stay busy, I made Chocolate Covered Katie's crustless pumpkin pie. Instead of sweetener, I used protein powder. The top and sides crusted up and the pie is absolutely delicious!

While I rest and relax, my family wants to go Black Friday shopping. Stores open earlier every year! I'll consider tagging along since I have never gone Black Friday shopping.

Friendly reminder: hydration! Don't forget to hydrate even though it's winter. I consumed all of these while taking the test... and had to pee a lot.

Finally, I'm thankful for everything, particularly the fact that I have legs. At the gym today, there were TWO paraplegics working out. They are entirely inspiring. I'm also thankful to have this day to rest and enjoy.

Are you going Black Friday shopping? Where are you going/what are you getting? My family is getting TVs.
What are you doing on Thanksgiving? In anticipation of the exam yesterday, I forgot to sign up for a turkey trot! I'll have to do one next year. :( I would also like to volunteer at a soup kitchen... so much was on my mind that I pretty much forgot about Thanksgiving!


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