Monday, November 12, 2012

MIMM: Ready for Thanksgiving break!

Thursday night Tired from working all day, I came home for [kettle] popcorn and strawberry Zevia.

Friday Proud of this kid. He's grown up so much. I even got a little teary eyed.

Friday night Janetha's pop-chos: 1 serving chili limon tortilla popchips, chicken, shredded Mexican blend cheese, avocado, tomato sauce (as salsa), and Greek yogurt

First thing Saturday morning Finally! I sent in my paperwork in August. Though they just issued it, the credential is valid from when I applied for it. How odd.

Saturday post-boot camp Homemade breakfast burrito with egg whites, avocado, hot sauce, and soy cheese on the best tortilla ever!

Saturday night Out of butter! Made coconut oil chocolate chip cookies. So good! I've become a pro at making cookies! I used to suck at baking cookies.

Sunday Mom wore my red Vans. She's turning 58 in a week.

Sunday night "Arthur Christmas" and a hankering for all things gingerbread and apple cider... oh Christmas!

Monday My cousin's birthday. I'd tell you how old she is, but you'd never believe me.

I got her a bunch of little things, which she actually opened Sunday night.

Are you ready for the holidays? I sure am! I have one week of work and a big test to take - been studying for a long time but not very consistently...

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  1. So many marvelous things happening in your life! Happy Birthday to your cousin :)