Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIAW: Foodventures

Almond Joy Protein Pancakes, from Dashing Dish, made with coconut flour I bought on yesterday's late-night (for me, that's 7 P.M.) trip to Long Beach and Lazy Acres.
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I saw pictures of the brand new market and saw one of the employees in the photos. Not that he's famous or anything but it's just weird to see someone in a picture then see them in person. Plus, he was clearly good looking enough that I recognized him.

The store was a former Bristol Farms but unlike the Bristol Farms near my job, it has a bulk section, interesting sales (20% off a lot), and odd libations.
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I made myself a yummy turkey burger. Just ground turkey mashed together with onions and Sharone Hakman's BBQ sauce (the best!) with goat cheese atop some greens.
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The best place(s) to study: on a walk or in the bathroom in the morning when I'm getting ready. I plop the toilet seat down and just start using my phone. I reviewed all the sample questions and felt completely comfortable! I did note a few areas that I need to refresh though.

Conversely, the worst place to study: any place I have my laptop with me.

Speaking of walks, I opted for a run instead of a walk last night.

With the weather getting cooler colder (because I'm a wimp), I ran to the gym to make it there faster. Running is not my forte. In high school, I ran 12 minute miles and though I'm down to 9 minute miles (gotta brag!) thanks to my conditioning, I'm gasping for air and my brain gets bored. All the running also hurts my feet no matter what sneakers I wear.

I ran one 5K (The Color Run) but no one was really running so it was no big deal. While not studying yesterday, I found The Dirty Girl Mud Run! I never ever want to do a half marathon or full marathon or triathlon - I can't swim - but I'm down for a mud run. Altogether, the run is a 5K with obstacles interspersed. I'll attempt to scale walls and climb through mud and water.

It reminds me of the Field Day of Awesomeness that I participated in a couple of years ago. I had no idea what was in store for me and I loved it! My body was sore from running up hills and solving math problems.

Back to last night: Zumba was amazing. I haven't found many great Zumba instructors here - I had such good ones in North Carolina - and I am glad to have found Jamie, who is also a fabulous TurboKick instructor.

Today's adventure was to Buy 'N Bulk in Lake Forest, where I lived till I was 5. The city has grown in the last 20 years as has the surrounding areas. The homes are in developments, but they have so much character.

The store itself was a bit disappointing. Lots of gummy candies but no sour treats. Their dried fruit selection was small yet a whole side was devoted to mixes for pizza crust, soups, etcetera. Not up my alley.
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Then it was time to review and get rest. It's only 8 but I'm exhausted and in bed already...

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