Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where you live/where your heart is

Last night, I could hardly sleep. After a long day, I laid in bed until 2 A.M., thinking. My heart was aching for a place and its people.

I ended up texting my former roommate and talking to him for a total of 3 hours, called and talked to a few friends out there, and... bought a ticket to Asheville, North Carolina. HIGH FIVE!

I thought I left on bad terms. The last year of living in Asheville was a struggle for me. I battled anorexia, exercise bulimia, and a shitty job. Well, as I'm in the process of recovering and have the best job ever, I'm ready to make a positive splash.
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This is the best time to go too. The holidays in Asheville are gorgeous. I didn't want to go during since my roommate, who will forever and ever be my roommate, will be gone. If I go later, I'll still have to take time off.

Other reasons I'm excited to go:
  • #1: See Yancey!
  • See Drew :) *If I could draw hearts around him, I would.
  • See Kris!
  • Gonzo's 25th birthday
  • Kyle's college graduation
  • Eat real BBQ
  • Visit my alma mater
  • Best Zumba classes ever!
  • TurboKick with one of my favorites
  • Gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn
  • Beer
A more definitive list to come!
I already made a list of what to pack since this is a big deal trip.

Next up, lists of what to bring to Asheville and what to bring home.

Can you tell I'm extremely nervous? Lists calm me down.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun, be positive, and just live.

Where's Asheville you ask? Check out going home to roost who just moved back to the mountains of Western North Carolina!

Did you move away for college? I moved across the country and live there for 6 years. The best times I've ever had were there. Often, I miss the area but there was a lack of jobs.
Why are you living where you are? fThe biggest sell for moving back home to California is my job... and to get my finances in order.
Do you keep in touch more with your high school or college friends? I definitely hold my college friends more dear though there is one friend, Peter, whom I've known for a gazillion years.

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  1. I grew up in Boston and went to college in Boston. I still live here. Hahha I'm boring, but I did study abroad in Australia for a semester during my junior year, which is where I met my husband. I hit a major rough patch in college, but those rough patches make us who we are today. No regrets. =)