Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's for Dinner?: A Good Saturday

Yesterday was a work day - 11-3:30, but it's still Saturday and on Saturdays, I wake up earlier than normal. I woke up at 6:15 before the sun and headed to boot camp. Thankfully, the sun came up as I pulled up to the gym.

I also never have enough time to think about if I'll go because it's so early.

I love boot camp especially with this trainer. I've mentioned it before but Nathan actually has a plan and it involves variety. I never know what I'm going to get.

The workout focused on legs, my favorite!

My new Reebok Crossfit Nanos are fantastic for lifting, but the toe was a little stiff for burpees. :/ I struggled to get to 17 burpees in 50 seconds. :( Forward lunges were also a bit tougher too.

Work was quick. We had a huge sale so tons of customers came and made my shift go by quick.

Afterwards, I treated myself to some Only 8 brand frozen yogurt.

I snuck in a little nap before dinner, studying, and some TV time before bed.

Groceries - $37.82
  • Popped rice snacks - $1.49
  • Food (for my cousin after football) - $2.98
  • thinkThin bar - $0.50
  • Earth Balance peanut butter - $1.99
  • Luna bar - $0.49
  • Julian's Bakery cinnamon Carb Smart - $6.79
  • Blue Sky stevia soda - $0.94
  • Love with Food box (just shipping) - $2.00
  • Blue Diamond toasted coconut almonds - $2.79
  • Halloween Funfetti - $0.63
  • Cottage cheese - $2.64
  • Milk (for my mom) - $3.49
  • Almond milk - $1.79
  • Strawberry Zevia - $0.94 
  • Kombucha - $2.55
  • Trader Joe's blueberry Greek yogurt - $0.99
  • Slice pizza - $1.50
  • Frozen yogurt - $2.38
  • Iced gingerbread Clif bar (for my favorite) - $0.89
Other - $18.79
  • GNC pumpkin spice Total Lean Shake 25 - $17.50
  • Redbox rental - $1.29
Gas - $40

Total - $96.61

oatmeal protein pancakes
"Fit for the King" peanut butter and banana sandwich (from the Tupelo Honey Cookbook)

chicken salad
vegan quinoa & sweet potato chili
PB&J on carb smart bread

PB&J amazeballs
carb smart bread
toasted coconut almonds - I finally found these after hearing about it forever ago on Live Laugh Eat!
Pumpkin spice GNC Total Lean Lean Shake 25 - The small bag is on sale from $25 down to $20; however, I had a 30% off the original price coupon ($17.50). I tried a scoop - it thickens up in liquid pretty good and has a nice taste.

  • Monday - TurboKick
  • Tuesday - BodyPump
  • Wednesday - Booty barre
  • Thursday - Hard Core Workout
  • Friday - SpinBarre
  • Saturday -  BodyPump, yoga @ Club Fitness Addiction?
  • Sunday - Yoga
On the flip side, Sunday is the only day I really sleep in and get rested up before another week.

Have you tried any GNC products? This is my first try and I'm loving it. This flavor got great reviews. P.S. Our GNC stores here are kind of small and sketchy.
Have you tried a boot camp class? They're my favorite way to get in cardio and strength. I try to go every other week. The only class I go to every week is TurboKick for my big boost of cardio and of course, yoga.


  1. I've been wanting to try a boot camp class- there are a few HIIT classes at my gym that are similar. Yours sounds like a great workout!

  2. The pumpkin spice shake sounds so good! I've been wanting to try boot camp forever but I haven't been able to find a gym that works with location and times of classes. I need shoes for cross training. I'm going to try on the Reeboks you mentioned that next time I'm at Dicks.