Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday [sick day] links

After spending all of Monday in bed, I caught up on "Drop Dead Diva" until late in the night (and I'm still not done) and read a ton of blog posts and articles. I thought I'd share...

Can you draw a map of the U.S.? This one's pretty impressive.

Most gorgeous non-food photos I've seen in awhile.

One building over 33 years.

I live in a place called "just your average suburb."

I've been on a local ice cream kick. This loaded/Thanksgiving ice cream needs to be tried.

I met my roommate and best friend at a Blockbuster. You'll forever be in my heart.

My zodiac sign determines my drunk behavior. I'm a bad, emotional drunk...

What eating habits say about you. But I like ketchup on my eggs... though I stay away from ketchup nowadays.

What the rest of the world does that we need to. I take siestas daily and drink coffee (fika) and chat with my favorite co-worker in the mornings.  I'm working on those walks (voltas) and need to partake in "cottage culture" of Canadians.

Visited 3 of the 20 cities to visit, but not all 20 are appealing, mostly those in the middle of the country. Nashville, Savannah, Portland, Denver, New Orleans, and Albuquerque are musts. Um, Ocean City, Maryland (in April) is not a must-see.

Where did I learn to say syrup and crayon?  Apparently in New York and Minnesota. I've been to New York and was only in an airport in Minnesota twice.

Healthy chicken chili is a staple for the wintertime.

These need to be made this or next week.

Any great links to share?
Any good recipes?

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