Sunday, November 3, 2013

MIMM: Day trips (Temecula & Potato Chip Rock)

Friday night, I had a major craving for bread, the MOST MARVELOUS bread ever from Great Harvest Bread Company.

I started with a MARVELOUS "Wine Country" sandwich on seedy Dakota bread.

I drove an hour and a half for MARVELOUS cinnamon burst bread. It made my car smell amazing, and I kept sneaking bites of it. See that top slice?

Since I drove so far, I also got myself a MARVELOUS cinnamon roll. It's my vice - I ate the middle and saved the rest.

Before I left, I stopped by Black Market Brewing. There are a few other breweries in the area, but this is the only one I'm familiar with. I tried a MARVELOUS flight of tasters.

I came home and took a NOT SO MARVELOUS 4 hour nap. Lack of sleep, carb coma, and beer don't make for much of a nap.

I tried some relaxing yoga before eating tuna fish & veggies, and then proceeded to watch some shows.

MARVELOUS Daylight Savings meant I woke up at 7:30 and had time to workout. I did an hour of weights and Tabata.

Right as I finished, Peter called to go hiking. I rinsed myself off, made my oatmeal protein pancakes, and then waited for everyone.

We ended up going to MARVELOUS Potato Chip rock in San Diego.

Lawrence tried doing hurdler's.

The MARVELOUS hike was 8 miles round trip.

Uphill on the way up, downhill on the way down.

We got home at 7 and headed to eat at Class 302. This was my first time eating Taiwanese food: spicy basil chicken with a fried egg, veggies, and brown rice (just a bit). The food was MARVELOUS/we were so hungry!

What are some fun day trips you get to make in your area? I'm planning more weekend day trips and can't wait to share them with you!


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  2. I love daylight savings - it's the best to get an extra hour. Absolutely sucks the other way though!

    Looks like you had a fantastic MM, especially that food - mmm, mmm, mmm :)

  3. Great harvest cinnamon rolls are to dieeeee for! They don't have them in Canada but whenever I visit my bf's family in Minnesota I have about 5 of them!

    1. I loved it and I'm a cinnamon roll connoisseur. Haha.

  4. I wish I was your date on to the bread place! I've never had Taiwanese either but looks yummy! That rock is cool looking. I'd be afraid it would break though. Haha

    1. The most people I saw on it was 4. It's so much flimsier and smaller than I thought it would be.

  5. that rock is crazy cool looking! i'm a carb fiend and the dakota and cinnamon breads plus the CINNAMON ROLL look so very marvelous. unfortunately the great harvest by my house recently suffered a very bad fire. they may be closed for good :( luckily the area has been putting on lots of fundraisers for them! brew flights are great - i have yet to visit a brewery! i definitely would like to sometime soon. maybe this summer though because now that it's colder my beer cravings are rare.