Monday, November 18, 2013

MIMM: Fun at the time...

It's Monday and I've spent all day in bed with a hangover. I was definitely still drunk this morning after a gin and tonic and several Jagerbombs with long-lost family members and no food whatsoever. Fun at the time, not fun right now...

Sure, I missed work and it's the last week with my kids, but I caught up on sleep and blog reading, and maybe some homework later.

MARVELOUS sweater I found in my mom's closet!

MARVELOUS sweaty workout Sunday morning (2 rounds), some strength, & yoga

Getting the hard stuff out of the way first with a MARVELOUSly organized to-do list

Some of my favorite pieces from MARVELOUS Patchwork Festival in Long Beach. I might need to buy that shirt for someone, and I need a female best friend...

Of course, I bought mom some MARVELOUS Santa Monica-based pop candy brittle. This is a seasonal carrot cake flavor.

 MARVELOUS fall weather in the most beautiful neighborhood ever! This may be the only street in Southern California with a hint of fall.

Next stop, MARVELOUS Belmont Shores.

I ate teeny $4 Dutch ice cream while walking up and down 2nd Street. Not that amazing...

Last stop, MARVELOUS Retro Row: furniture stores, vintage shops, consignment stores...

MARVELOUS. If only I could roller skate. Hm...

Anandamide : Psychedelicatessen for a MARVELOUS raw s'more. The shop has chocolates and other raw goodies. Yum.

Came home, got dressed, drank a beer. I mentioned this beer and bought it. Sadly, I wasn't a fan.

Mom & I ready for the wedding

Twin sisters (mom on left, aunt on right)

My cousin & her mom

Well, back to nursing my headache with lots of water and food.

Have you taken a day off for a hangover?
Has fall hit your area yet? It was a bit cooler here... which reminds me of my co-worker saying, "The last El Nino, my palm tree fell down." Hah.

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  1. Raw Smores!!!! That looks amazing. Fall is ending and winter is coming...can I come live with you in Cali?