Saturday, November 9, 2013

Currently: November

Current book:
I'm still reading Wild. I don't have a lamp so I can't read before bed, except on my computer, but then I just don't read. I need to make a more concerted effort in reading.

Current music:
I don't know when they happened, but I no longer listen to mainstream pop and rap. Instead, I listen to mainstream alternative music, mostly ALT 98.7.

Current guilty pleasure:
The kids on "MasterChef Junior" can cook! My favorites were Sarah, Troy, and Jack. 

Current nail color:
Bare. My nails needed a break from last week and I clipped them so they're short.

Current drink:
I've wanted more than water lately, and got a great deal on Zevia cream soda. It's my favorite flavor.

Current food:
I made meatballs this week and have enough to make meatballs for next week's lunches. They're so good with Trader Joe's organic foursome frozen veggies.

Current favorite show:
I just noticed that Xena is on Netflix! I like it so much more than Hercules, which has way too much fighting and not much of a story line.

2 Broke Girls

The Mindy Project, especially with Ben Feldman :)

Current wish list:
A trip to Canada and to see the Rockies on the Via Canadian Rail. Nature without the hiking.
A home, not even a big one

Current need:
See above. That and a job. :(

Current triumph:
This is tough considering the week.

I didn't workout a lot...

I did get a lot of sleep.
Current bane of my existence:
So much to do at work...

Current indulgence:
I have a chocolate drawer at work. This needs to stop. I haven't had peanut butter all week, but I've eaten a good full serving or more of chocolate everyday.

Current blessing:
They're out of subs so I've picked up a few hours here and there.

Current outfit:
I'm still rocking boyfriend jeans, but I picked up a school jacket last week and haven't taken it off. It's comfortable and totally acceptable to wear to work with my work dresses because it shows school spirit.

Current excitement:
Teaching. Everyday this makes me feel a little better. I'm also just excited because it's the weekend and I'm going to take some mini adventures. I have no idea where yet, but I'll decide them ASAP.

Current mood:
I'm pretty down. I was having a great start to the week, but we're having complications with the house... as in we may not get it. :(

I also then got THE confirmation message. The teacher I've been subbing for since May is coming back after Thanksgiving. She was supposed to be back by October then November 4th and this last extension. It just keeps prolonging my reality: the students aren't mine to keep.

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