Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thursday thoughts: Work, school, ice cream

A workout just didn't happen today.

1) I got home, tucked myself in bed, and didn't nap. Nope, instead I was grading papers and writing up lesson plans for my last week and a half. But alas, I'm all done.

So I'm sharing, because I spend so much time on class work.

U.S. Government - State and Local Courts
  • Courtroom drama + reflection
  • Research local government
  • Test
U.S. History - Progressive Era
  • Political cartoons
  • "Food, Inc."
  • Study guide & test
  • "Chronicles of Narnia" because a student has mentioned it for 2 years!
World History - Imperialism in the Far East
  • PowerPoint + comic strip
  • Study guide & test
  • "Avatar" to surprise my favorite student :)
Of course we're having a party on the day before our Thanksgiving break because it's my last day. :(

2) After lesson planning, I went in search of ice cream. My dinner was a double chocolate chunk Quest bar. Don't judge.

Whole Foods' ice cream aisle was disappointing. I did spot some Califia Farms holiday nog for $3.99. I'm not sure about the taste, but I've never truly had nog.

So, I was still craving ice cream. I finally ended up at Sprouts with Halo Top Creamery lemon cake ice cream. I was wary of the taste because of the nutritional stats but wow! I ate half of the pint and it's okay!

3) I prepped breakfast while eating ice cream and working on my cover letter for a job.

Cover letters are tough. Here's how it went, if you're so inclined to read it:

I am writing to apply for the Education Specialist position in the --- Unified School District. With eight years of experience in education in various settings and programs, I feel confident in my skills as a teacher and I know I would be a good fit at one of your schools.

I fell in love with education more than once. At nineteen, I instantly found a niche in supporting groups of racially diverse students through the AVID program. For three years, I expanded my knowledge in Spanish, math, and social science, navigated students through college preparedness, and built lasting relationships with students. I fell in love again in Fall 2009 student teaching World History Honors, U.S. History, and Psychology at --- High School in rural ---, North Carolina.

After stints as a preschool teacher’s assistant and substitute teacher, I returned home to Huntington Beach in 2011. I discovered special education, working as an instructional aide at --- High School. Spending time with the students for two years convinced me to pursue an Education Specialist credential. I was fortunate to continue working with the students as a long-term substitute teacher in a Special Education Social Science classroom. I was thrust into an unknown world of legal terminology but smoothly communicated with students, administration, parents, and service providers to write IEPs using SEIS and lead successful IEP meetings.

In the classroom, the question students with disabilities often ask is, Why am I learning this? Prior to working in special education, I worked in general education classrooms and students hardly questioned the curriculum. I never questioned why I was teaching the curriculum either. The question of why led me to become practical, to scaffold and to build connections with their world by staying abreast on current events. Consequently, the students’ inquiries align with Common Core standards. Rather than base level knowledge, we delve into concepts with discussions, writing, and inquiry-based lessons that address multiple learning styles and students’ areas of unique need. Nowhere more than in Special Education have I pushed myself to continue learning and learned to become a more effective teacher.

Respectfully yours,
Julie L.
Never mind that I don't have an Education Specialist credential... yet.

4) And how time flies by. I'm going to watch a show of some sort and knock out, and hopefully wake up in the morning to work out.

Other things I have to do:
  • Talk to a student about why he's failing classes.
  • Observe a class and do the accompanying assignment.
  • Do more homework - writing IEP goals. 
  • Getting back on budgeting like I did awhile back.
Do you get time off for Thanksgiving? What are your plans? Class will be over so maybe some reading finally. I've tried to read a book for 2 months now. :(

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  1. Wow! That ice cream sounds delicious!! I couldn't help but notice it only had 70 calories per serving!?! Sweet deal... literally :)