Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Things Friday #2

Yesterday, I was excited for Thanksgiving break.

Today, I'm realizing that I give back my keys after 4 months.

It's hard not to be down. I was and am the one everyone would guess to have a class of my own right now.

Five things that make me happy

These people. :) They've grown up so much in 2 years!

 This other class makes me even happier.

Hot yoga, or at least the thought of it. My left shoulder/trap is in unbearable pain - it's much more developed than the other trapezius muscle, and hot yoga just sounds so good.

A comfy bed. Nothing fancy.

The mountains, which I miss so much!

Five articles to read

Don't feel sorry that I've gained weight because I needed to. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself too.

In this world, who isn't worrying... all the time? I am on edge constantly.

This entire blog, Go Kaleo.

I'll be a hater - 5 engagement posts that are annoying.

Fast food salads always look so sad and now we know why.

Five outdoor adventures

Calafia State Beach

Carbon Canyon

Santiago Oaks

Griffith Observatory

Torrey Pines State Reserve

BONUS: YogaGlo in Santa Monica with Dice Iida-Klein

Five Four restaurants

Clementine for delicious chocolate chip cookies Joy the Baker raves about.

 Crazee Burger serves alligator, gator, antelope, and kangaroo too.

I've walked by Urban Pie at a farmer's market and loved their menu of fresh toppings.

Donuts in L.A. I've had Bob's but loved Stan's more - yummy peanut butter and banana filled donuts?! Yes!

Five shows/movies I'll be watching


"Bonkers Awesome" with Joy the Baker and she goes to one of my favorite cupcakeries, Sweet & Saucy Shop.

"Catching Fire" I have next week off and will go watch it during downtime.

Still haven't seen "Despicable Me."

Watching "Love Actually" with my former roommate over Skype. :)

What makes you happy?

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