Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five Things Friday: Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday mom and second mom, my mom's twin!

This is my first week linking up with Clare!

Five things I want to eat

1. How have I not heard of Halo Top? Some pretty darn good stats and ingredients I can read! I bought the lemon cake flavor yesterday, ate half a pint and ate the rest this evening. It's not the frosty, frozen Arctic Zero - this is creamy and tastes like ice cream. Sure, it's double the calories of Arctic Zero, but it's so good. I read a review on their other flavors, but for now, I'll stick with lemon.

2. I've spotted Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA everywhere. I need to try it!

3. Love Crunch gingerbread granola is my favorite granola ever. I'm on a gingerbread kick though I opted out of getting Starbucks today (too expensive and I'd rather eat my calories).

4. Southern food. Pimento cheese recipes from Tupelo Honey Cafe, Early Girl Eatery, or a lightened version. Tupelo Honey is probably why I've been loving sweet potato pancakes.

...and gluten-free Posana Cafe's sweet potato biscuits too.

 5. Han's Homemade Ice Cream and Devilicious Donuts - I love fancy, locally made junk food, and this is what we have to offer here in Southern California.

Five things I'm looking forward to

1. Bodies, the Exhibition I've heard of it but it's finally nearby and cheap!
2. Sunday hike & some Acai Republic afterwards, or an attempt to make my own
3. Patchwork [Arts & Crafts] Show in Long Beach on Sunday - I've gone to all of them in the area in the last year. This is the only festival similar to the ones in Asheville. Boy do I miss those!
4. Duffy boat ride in the Newport Beach Harbor, with spirits and snacks.
5. Indulge L.A. next month

Five things I want to do soon

1. Sleep at night. I can't sleep at night and I'm way tired in the morning. I've also skipped naps 2 days in a row now. I'm looking rough...
2. Lounging at a local coffee shop and reading.
3. Actually watch "Breaking Bad." I watched the first season I think with my former roommate and haven't since.
4. Hot yoga. It's still warm here, but I'll get cold anyways.
5. Nice daytime walks/hikes. I want to see Southern California redwoods, and eventually work up to Yosemite.

What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. That's so fun your Mom is a twin. My Dad is, so I've always had a second Dad too!

  2. YUM!! That cake for your mom looks delicious!! As do the foods you want to eat! Also, I hear ya about the sleep thing... you look fine tho!! But I have a lot of trouble sleeping too :(