Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIAW: How sweet/back on track

When I have a sweet tooth, I go for some Chobani.

Sometimes, I get myself a bit of frozen yogurt:

Rarely do I grab some [Bubba Sweets] mini cupcakes to share. We cut them in quadrants and try each one.

Never do I eat donuts, but I got them for my students - we all had to get to school early.

There was a lot of eating out and drinking last week. Our bill was ridiculous!

While I'm pretty good about ordering food when I go out, I still consume quite a bit of alcohol. This included 2 margaritas and a shot of tequila on Thursday night then 5 beers in San Diego. The 5 beers were proceeded by a meat and cheese plate and tons of my friend's fries.

With that said, I'm back on track this week with some eats.
  • Breakfast burritos - egg + 1 egg white on Ezekiel wrap (Laughing Cow wedge, spinach, Trader Joe's cowboy caviar)
  • Smoothies - what's left of my chocolate Shakeology, vanilla Plant Fusion
  • Shrimp spring rolls (1)
  • Chicken (1)
  • Chili that I'll make sometime this week
Snack during my prep period

Ezekiel egg white wraps (lunch this week), Shakeology, peach & spinach vanilla protein smoothie, & Elana's Pantry paleo pumpkin bread

Pumpkin pie protein shake - the dates made the difference

Broccoli with Laughing Cow and a couple of shrimp spring rolls

Leftover chicken & shrimp with broccoli with taco seasoning

I've already started feeling normal again! I'm proud of my discipline, and the discipline (of not going out & eating so much) will definitely save me money! More on that later.

How do you get back on track? Any kind of cleanse?

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  1. All about balance friend! But I hear ya on just feeling like you need a cleanse.