Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Like a European?

Wake up later. / Get enough sleep.
Yesterday, Siri set my alarm for 5:50. The alarm sound was too quiet to wake me from my involved dream. I was in bed till 7:45, got dressed, and was at work by 8. Thankfully I already had breakfast and lunch ready. The extra sleep felt great too.

Walk more. / Get more vitamin D.
At work, I opted to take my half of the class outside. I soaked in some vitamin D though dealt with all the passerbys and my students' ADHD.

At the end of the day, I let the students enjoy the last 5 minutes of school outside. After an hour and 40 minutes in 6th period on a Friday, they need it.

Take a siesta.
I've got this one down! After work, I take a nap. I only remember once this [school] year that I haven't. I'll then wake up and workout.

Enjoy meals. / Have conversations.
I typically eat in so part of enjoying my meal is cooking it. I'm being mindful of spending more time chewing and eating.

Also, though I was late, I had everything ready for classes today so I enjoyed breakfast while talking to 4 of my students. :)

Indulge in the best chocolate.
Every single day. Lindt and Milka lately.

I'm still working on...

Eating full meals. / Not snacking.
My meals are usually small so I need a snack. I bought all the fixins' for a charcuterie plate this week. Slowly but surely, I got enough items to create it, sans grapes.

Buy fresh foods.
While I enjoy produce and meat, I can't say it's farm-to-table.

Lauren of Sweat the Sweet Stuff mentioned "reverse engineering" your day. So for today, here goes:

7 AM - wake up
7:45 AM - get to work: check e-mail, pull up PPT
8-8:30 AM - breakfast: pumpkin protein pancakes
8:30-10:15 AM - 1st period Government: news, PPT California Constitution, packet work
10:15-12:12 PM - 3rd period prep: drink tea, read Wild
12:12-12:51 PM - lunch: Seasons 52 chili
12:51-2:30 PM - 5th period World History: presentations, PPT Industrial Revolution
2:30-4 PM - read Wild
4-6 PM - nap
6-7 PM - workout
7-7:30 PM - shower
7:30-8:30 PM - dinner: chicken with broccoli
11:30 PM - sleep

What are ways you live like a European?

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  1. I need to take more time enjoying my food. I spend so much time making it but then it's gone before I know it! Must.slow.down.