Friday, October 18, 2013

High Five Friday: Reclaim


HIGH FIVE for a few morning workouts this week. I like getting it done early.

HIGH FIVE for a sore booty. This workout contributed to it, but I think it was this mostly...

HIGH FIVE for a round of yoga in the evenings. I'm bored in the evenings - I should utilize my time better but don't really want to.

That's because... HIGH FIVE for getting work done at work.

HIGH FIVE for catching up on "New Girl" and "Bones."
HIGH FIVE to Blackmarket Bakery for good bread. I used to live in the local food metro of the world. I was spoiled and it's hard to find good, fresh bread. I came here after work for their almond 6-grain bread (new!).

It wasn't "fresh" but toast it and it's as good as new. Especially with some Cookie Butter & Cocoa Spread from Trader Joe's!

I need to cut down on sugar though (even if it's bananas & apples)! Read this!

HIGH FIVE to getting back on track this week after the weekend. Geez, this happens a lot.

HIGH FIVE to Kath for the best article in awhile: Nutrition Compromises.

I like beer [over wine], I like [fresh] bread, I won't eat grilled chicken & broccoli forever, I only drink coffee for its caffeine, & I quit pastas COLD TURKEY years ago.


However, I don't like pizza with tons of oil and we don't have enough good ice cream places close by.
HIGH FIVE for awesome links this week:

Food & drink
  • Speaking of Sierra Nevada, it tops the list of healthier beers to drink.
  • Tips for cravings: I probably need more calories, but I've started a cheat meal... of beer.
  • I will never understand carb cycling, and I've tried it all!
  • I probably won't eat my way through all the states... I like salmon (Alaska), but everything else is gross. I also didn't know Krispy Kreme originated in North Carolina, but I think of BBQ not donuts.
Fitness & exercise
Love & relationships
What are you proud of this week? 
Any cool links to share?

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