Sunday, October 13, 2013

MIMM: Bacon & Beer

Friday was rough - the kids were crazy. I needed a beer and bacon.

MARVELOUS real bacon, lettuce, tomato, & Laughing Cow sandwich

Commemorating my MARVELOUS friend with Stone. Beer wasn't as marvelous.

This was much better, almost like cream soda.

Helped me sleep in. That and my MARVELOUS fall/winter blanket.

I made a batch of coconut protein pancakes with 42g of protein. They need to be eaten fresh, while waiting for the others because they are so dry. I couldn't even finish it. Ick.

Roaming in the beach cities & a MARVELOUS midday snack: Only 8 frozen yogurt.

First stop: MARVELOUS SeaLegs Wine Bar that got great reviews. Except I don't like wine so I chose a beer flight from beers on draft.

We met up with the guys for beers at Goat Hill Tavern.

We braved crazy Friday night at Saddle Ranch where I talked to strangers.

I nursed my hangover with a MARVELOUS lunch (after not eating for 19 hours) of chili & a carrot cake mini from Seasons 52 with my friend Lawrence.

What was marvelous about your weekend?

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