Sunday, October 20, 2013

MIMM: Escape (and bake)

I still woke up early on Saturday and headed to MARVELOUS Old Towne Orange.

My friend told me about these MARVELOUS pita chips - this was the very last bag!

I stopped by Total Wine for an hour to peruse their selection of MARVELOUS beers for the BBQ.

We BBQ'ed (I didn't eat) then walked downtown to see MARVELOUS "Escape Plan." Andrew was the assistant to the director and his roommate Denton is in the movie!

We went to a MARVELOUS bar, Oldfield's Liquor Room, afterwards. Lots of walking, and I would've been okay with it if it wasn't so darn cold! We then went by our friend's apartment till 2 A.M.

I had a pretty good time - I met some fun people though I was super tired. :(

In the morning, I headed to MARVELOUS Larchmont for a walk.

I picked up a MARVELOUS new-to-me tonic from Erewhon market.

I came home & made MARVELOUS mini pumpkin pies (egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free).

They turned out MARVELOUS and perfect!

I craved Seasons 52's MARVELOUS chili I had last Sunday and found the recipe online. I used a chocolate stout beer.

Finally, I made this MARVELOUS key lime pie (without the booze). I already ate 1/4 of it!

Meal Plan Monday

Breakfast: oatmeal protein pancakes all week long
Lunch: chili (above) [4 meals]
Dinner: I have no idea yet!
Snacks: almond bread w/ cookie butter & cocoa spread, key lime pie (above)

This week seems rough already. I'm hopeful though!

Where do you escape to on weekends?
Did you bake anything? Any pumpkin or apple flavored foods?

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