Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIAW: Creating My Own Rules & Cronuts!

My morning started with pumpkin spice coffee (black) and CRONUTS! Sure I had to wait 15 minutes for them, but it was worth it. I had one flaky layer and shared the rest with the group of students who come to hang out before school. They're amazing - the students and the cronuts! Other places serve them but these were fresh to order at Kelly's Donuts & Burgers.

I went on a late night trek and found scored some deals. TJ Maxx was stocked!

I got a few bags of goodies on sale + clearance. I also stopped by the grocery store and picked up 2 bags of fancy cashews on clearance + coupon.

I found this article, "I Dare You to Start Doing What You Really Want in Life," and started Creating Your My Own Rules with these guiding questions:
  1. What makes me feel free and most alive?
    Teaching and talking to students, being out in nature, that one summer at the beach with all its calmness and lack of people
  2. How do I like to spend time with people I care about?
    I enjoy sitting with them, doing nothing. I prefer this over the stress of dressing up and going out.
  3. What sparks my passion and revs up my enthusiasm? How could I could spend hours (if not days) doing ____ and actually lose track of time?
    Great lesson plans, planning and blogging, watching TV, which isn't much of a hobby.
  4. How would I ideally like to spend my week, days, and weekends?
    Weekdays: Getting up, enjoying coffee and breakfast outdoors, taking a walk/working out, going to work, siesta, workout, rest.
    Weekends: exploring an old downtown, going to the farmer's market, hiking, having a nice brunch.
  5. What would my ideal work place be? Who would I work with (if anyone)?
    School. Honestly, I have it good in my temporary position, and I love love love working with my co-worker of 3 years - we were both aides and now work as teachers. I also love the other two girls, one teacher and one aide, who are my age.
  6. What ways do I actually enjoy moving my body? I love the idea of lifting, but I love dancing and yoga. I like seeing my body moving gracefully. I like hiking for the scenery though I dislike the swelling hands and I feel gross.
  7. What helps me feel relaxed and joyful?
    Crafts. I've been wanting to carve a pumpkin and make this nail polish holder. I also enjoy getting lost in books.
  8. How do I most enjoy helping others?
    I love seeing students grow into outstanding people.
Many of my students aren't "academics," but they are the most interesting, cool people. I'm always looking for ways to help them.

One of my students is just bored and I want him to make the most of high school. Sure, that means he won't be in 3 of my classes, but I'm forcing him to 1) have class with friends (my class is so ridiculously small) and 2) pick a better elective than aiding for me (there's nothing to do).

I'm "kicking out" another student who is also my aide in a small class. After some discussion with him and knowing him for 3 years, I sent some e-mails to get him as a student aide for a special education class. The experience will hopefully land him a job as an aide after he graduates while he also surfs.
  1. What am I willing to say no to in life, in order to say yes to what I do want? I don't know the answer to this one... I would say pay but this isn't true. I need money to survive. I'm not entirely willing to say no to my vacation (to Asheville in December) if the teacher I'm subbing for is still out. P.S. Good news! I'm subbing through November, but I'm worried that she may be out longer and I don't want to leave my kids with a stranger.
  2. What guilt am I willing to let go of in order to thrive? The only thing I can think that would leave me guilty: leaving my mother to live elsewhere. It's not a guilt I'm willing to let go of. 
Time for my afternoon workout. I'm skipping the nap??!

What's your ideal afternoon? What do you do when you get home from work? 


  1. That's a really great article! Sometimes I have trouble with prioritizing in my life, and I find myself doing a lot of things I don't always like doing

  2. And my phone cut me off early! Anyway, I definitely am going to sit down this weekend and make a similar list.

  3. LOVE that article too... lots to think about.