Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: A little depressing

In 2 weeks, I hand back my her classroom. Sure, it's only 3 months, but that's a lifetime in my head.

I've also worked at the school since September 2011, when I came back to California. It helped me get back on my feet, it helped me recovery, and I regained my love of teaching. I lost it when I lost myself for awhile.

I won't be going back as an aide. How could I? I wouldn't get enough hours or pay. Instead, I'm continuing to substitute teach there and anywhere in the district, day to day for less pay. Already though, I was working just as much as a regular teacher and getting HALF the pay!

Additionally, I started applying to sub in other districts. I'm also applying for "real" jobs.

What else will I be doing?
  • Taking classes again. One a month since I can't student teach till April anyways.
  • Go on vacation. Asheville here I come!
  • Taking more trips. Not that I don't do that now.
  • Watch "Breaking Bad" or "Walking Dead" finally.
  • Read books.
Besides not having the same place to go everyday, I won't see my students as much anymore. I've seen them at least 3xs/week for 2 1/2 years.

There will be a party. There will be some crying on my end.

It's not fair. I was the standout student in college yet I'm the one who hasn't found a job yet. Granted, I struggled with my own issues and didn't want to move to the middle of nowhere for work. Instead, I put my foot in the door in a ritzy district and have moved up, even getting interviews for jobs I wasn't quite qualified for.

But if I've learned anything, I've learned to work in and manage classrooms with students with mild/moderate disabilities or as some say, the naughty kids.

I've worked with college prep students, preschoolers with disabilities, and high school students with challenges. I've worked at an urban and a rural high school and now a suburban, upper-middle class high school.

Yes, the going is slow but it's going. This is the time that I start to think:

...because even though I'd love to sub all year (like my co-worker), I'll be open to other opportunities.

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