Monday, October 7, 2013

MIMM: Stone Farms

Saturday started out MARVELOUSLY bright and early. Boy do I miss staying in Friday nights and waking up at 7 A.M.

I started with a MARVELOUS sweaty & energizing workout:

I added some strength training and yoga along with it for a total of 1 hour.

I cleaned out my car and headed to a family function for a bit, but the main events were to come...

MARVELOUS Patchwork Edible Festival, their first!

So many vendors and delicious sweets. I tried a bunch but refrained from getting anything.

Then it was off to San Diego. The weather was finally MARVELOUS for me. Everytime I go to San Diego, the weather is cloudy.

I was actually in Escondido to meet up with my friend Conor. We went to college and studied history together. He taught me how to drink beer/forced me to drink by taking us to places that only served beer. So of course, our adventure was centered around... beer. :)

First stop, MARVELOUS Stone Farms. Stone Brewery, Conor's favorite, bought this tiny farm and serve their beers on tap. It was empty when we got there.

I want to get married here! 

We enjoyed 3 MARVELOUS high gravity beers each within an hour and a half.

We drank sitting at MARVELOUS picnic tables...

And moved over to the MARVELOUS hammocks where we watched goats and peacocks.

Even the porta-potty here had carpet and a running sink!

We continued our adventure in downtown San Marcos, near the university. We drank another beer and ate (a meat & cheese plate) at Churchill's Pub, and met up with my friend who was also down there to visit his family.

Story time: I got snatched to hang out with my friend and his brother despite not wanting to. In the end, he dropped me back off to Conor's... except it wasn't. There was a car that looked exactly like my car on a nearby street. Luckily, the house was having a party and a nice couple came to my rescue and drove me to the right place.

I woke up to the beautiful Escondido hills and enjoyed a nice drive home along the coast, just in time for Sunday yoga. :)

Have you been to San Diego? What was your favorite part of it?

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  1. I want to get married there! So gorgeous! SD is on my to-visit wish-list!