Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIAW: How to fit into skinny pants

2 days till L.A.
6 days till Asheville.
16 days till winter break.

I've got a lot going on/to look forward to. This semester has been tiring and even boring. I feel less useful and drained. It's more or less the classes I'm in. I thrive off chaos.

When I got home last night, I got some awesome packages.

David's Tea finally arrived. I bought Le Connoisseur of various traditional teas for one of the teachers.

For myself, I got Cookie Dough, Buttered Rum, Pumpkin Chai, and Read My Lips.

I'm no good at explaining the flavors.
  • I had Cookie Dough last night (low caffeine) and though it smells amazing, the taste is weird. 
  • I drank Read My Lips for breakfast and loved the peppermint with a hint of chocolate. Just a hint unlike the Cookie Dough.
  • After working out, I made Pumpkin Chai. This is the best pumpkin tea I've ever had. No fake scent or taste.
  • Buttered Rum has a heavy scent but is milder as a tea. It's perfect and my favorite of the four.

Package #2: for Christmas, I bought Speck cases for my iPhone newbie family members. I kept the minty green one.

I wrapped the tea and iPhone cases while watching "Butter," which was surprisingly good and funny.

Onto some real food... Last night's dinner included a can of sardines in spring water and cauliflower. I was out of food and refrigerated the sardine to keep the smell at bay. Plus, sardines are packed with omega-3's, protein, calcium, and vitamin B12! I may try to eat them once a week.

Maybe sardines will keep me from hating these skinny jeans. These don't even fit well - the legs fit, but the waist is too big. And my legs look ginormous in this picture! I kept these boots and went to TJMaxx yesterday before work to buy 2 pairs of skinny pants that fit at the waist.

Good news: The second number on the scale is one smaller! I'm also comfortably in a smaller size. Don't these pants looks so much better than above??! 

Skinny cords work because they aren't as tight. I love this color too!

When I was at my heaviest (BMI = 32/obese), my goal was to fit into this size (FYI, size 9 in juniors). Now that I'm here, I'm not quite satisfied. My body, after the deprivation and overexercising, has changed. What size 9 looked on me before is different now. I don't need to be down to a 3-5 like I was at my thinnest at 111 pounds, but I would like to look firm.

P.S. Rant: The BMI chart is kind of wack. At 5'3, the range is 104-141 but I surely do not look overweight at 141 but do look wrinkly and anorexic at 111. Sure, my body type is different but 104 just seems impossible! And what kind of 5'6 man would want to weight 115 pounds?

Does anyone else have trouble fitting their calves in boots? Thankfully my ankles are thin...


  1. I didn't think the first pair of pants looked bad. But I do like the cords better. I carry my weight in my stomach so I would have the total opposite problem.

    104 is way too small for 5'4". Please don't try to do that.

    1. I mean, I totally have a pouch too! Haha.

  2. Our body shapes change so much as we get older! I'm at the thinnest I've been since high school (still healthy) but I have so many more curves and not to mention a butt. I'm not complaining, but that goes to show that our body can change a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

    1. I'm glad I don't look like I did in high school. I feel so much healthier and in better shape.

  3. those charts are bogus. Weight and nutrition is so personal! Love to color of those cords!

    1. Thanks! I can't help but love cords and pants in crazy colors!

  4. I've never tried skinny cords like that, but I love the color. I think I'll have to buy some of those instead of skinny jeans next time!

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