Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Truth #1: The closest thing to love


But only here will I tell the truth. Someday someone will find it.

Ever since I left Asheville, I've done a lot of thinking and... you're the closest thing to love I've ever had.

Because of that, I'm hopeful that someday I will find love.

Unfortunately, it's not you. I should know better, but there are nights when it's late and I listen to sappy songs and read quotes about love. 

I put you on a pedestal. You're undeserving of it we know.

I want to pretend that I'm living in a fairy tale and that you're my prince who will realize he loves me and become everything I deserve.

This is everything I would tell you.

The "all at once" part may be more true now than ever. Now that I'm more clear-headed. I claim that I'm still not in love though.


If I was to have a New Year's resolution or a few, this would be it:
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This is so simple and somewhat true for me.
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They say I have a good heart.
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This has nothing to do with love, but... So what if you're always busy? I'm often not.

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