Friday, December 7, 2012

High Five Friday: Journey of my wheel pose

This is the most exciting Friday in a long time! So much excitement coming soon.

I ran out of the school and ran some errands before going home to nurse my side. Maybe it was the half-eating, half Lean Legs workout I practiced. I was hungry but wanted to get something quick in this morning so ate a few bites of oatmeal right before working out... and okay, a few bites in between.

After laying down for awhile, I headed to Harmony HB, a yoga and wellness studio I frequented last spring. My friend/co-worker teaches there but due to the location and cost, I haven't been back. Tonight's class is for charity.

I was pretty focused and even did my first wheel pose!

Wins like these remind me that...

I was craving sardines when I got home. Who does that?! I mashed in some chipotle bourbon BBQ sauce, avocado, greens, and rolled it up in nori for some sushi.

I'm packing a little bit for my weekend in L.A. I plan to get it all together after my morning workout tomorrow.
  • Sunday breakfast: portioned oatmeal + applesauce + scoop protein powder 
  • Snacks: string cheese, apple cinnamon sticks that stay in my car anyways
  • Clothes: cords, gray pants, flowy top, striped top, boots
  • Jammies
  • Big bottle of Smashed Pumpkin Ale and cheap red wine, both of which I bought in October!
Off to re-watch "Monsters, Inc." and hit the hay!

What's your most recent win that reminded you the journey is more important than the outcome? Working out yes, but what are the best memories you've had? I thought about that and came to some major realizations.

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