Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Ok Thursday & Asheville Part 3: Recap

Its Ok Thursdays

This is the final recap of my vacation in Asheville last week. I wrote a little more below, but here's what I learned:

It's okay...
  • To ditch the alarm and sleep in.
  • To workout less. I still rocked the workouts I did and my body felt great.
  • To trust myself with eating. I ate good food, moderate amounts of it, and only when I was hungry.
  • To drink and get tipsy drunk... as long as there's lots of water too.
  • To share your feelings.
  • To go back to a place.
  • To love. That sounds crazy, but I dislike hurt. Who doesn't?
Thanks to lots of water the night before, I felt great on Sunday. Sure, we slept in till 1 P.M. but had a nice, leisurely rainy day. I had Tupelo Honey for lunch and visited our friends and their 1-year-old son.

Chicken Havarti sandwich with sweet potato fries and a biscuit*
*I ate the sandwich with 1/4 of the bread and 1/2 biscuit because biscuits are glorious.

Monday was another rest day. I wrote out sweet and cheesy Christmas cards, left them on the tree, and we headed to Early Girl Eatery once again. Early Girl is my favorite and I got the same meal.

We enjoyed downtown and ended my trip with a trip to Dobra Tea, one of my favorite places ever. For a Monday, there were tons of people so we had to sit on the floor with our teas and biscuits. :)

A few of the souvenirs I brought home... except the Lusty Monk mustard because it was too big for the carry-on.

I had an awesome trip. I worked out the first 3 days but didn't sweat not working out on the other days. We ate when we were hungry or not at all. For the most part, I wasn't hungry much which was good since our meals were all consumed out. I didn't even calorie counting. Since I've been home, I haven't calorie-counted or planned out much food, and it's okay.

I missed Asheville more than I know. I missed the food but surprisingly, I missed the people. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms.

In my roommate's card, I wrote a sappy little note. Yancey has been the most impactful and important person I've encountered, and it likely won't ever change. Even if I get married but not if I have kids.

I also thought about whether or not I've ever been in love. Not with Yancey. The answer is, maybe. I have the greatest fondness is more of what I would call it. Though he is a great person overall, there are quite a few negatives that prevent me from dating him or well, any of my guy friends.

If it wasn't for my job and my mom, mostly my mom, I would move back. It's not so much about the place but the people and because of that, I'm going to find a job, get a house, and make them all live with me!

Weirdest picture ever. Creepers... even after you get to know them!

Roomies for life.

Gonzo, happy birthday!

We've never hugged this much. I think before this trip, we hugged twice.

This is real and they have local products. 
P.S. One of the best things about Asheville is their choices of sugars and milks. There's always soy and almond milk and stevia. 



How do you show others you love them? I'm not good at showing love. I would even go as far as to say I'll buy your love if I could. Okay, that's not entirely true, I totally go out of my way for the people I love.


  1. I Love Havarti cheese and of course sweet potato fries!!

    1. Havarti reminds me of the crackers & wine my friend used to love. I want some now!

  2. Of course its ok to get a little tipsy! haha! following from the hop :-)

  3. Hey there, popping in from the link up!
    I slept past my alarm every day last week so I decided I should just not set it at all. :) Makes for a happier me in the morning!

    Glad I stopped by!

  4. Loved what you learned! Its so awesome. Great tips to live by.