Monday, December 17, 2012

MIMM: Asheville Part 1: Days 1 & 2

There was no point in bringing my laptop on vacation. I didn't use it and it was the most glorious thing ever. I didn't wonder what everyone was up to. Okay, so I had my phone but it was mostly to connect with people rather than browse endlessly.

Here's a quick snippet of my trip, part 1.

I slept so little on my flight from L.A. to Charlotte. There were two gypsies on the plane. Maybe they weren't gypsies but they changed on the flight, rummaged through their belongings often, and fought. Yep, no sleep there. I slept the whole 30+ minute flight to Asheville in my own row.

Yancey picked me up and took me to his new home, which he shares with our friend Weston.

This is a familiar spot. The living room layout is practically the same.

Lunch was at Green Sage. I've only been to Green Sage once but love their coffee. Apparently, my friends like it too.

I forced Yancey to take me grocery shopping and watch "Wreck It Ralph" before my friend John came to pick me up for his Zumba class.

We topped off the night with our friend Andrew, his girlfriend, and some Christmas at Biltmore Rose. Not a fan of the wine.

More friends came over to visit too including Luis!

I woke up when Weston started pitter-pattering around the house. We did P90X yoga - totally rocked it, and then went holiday shopping.

What to get the guys? Toilet paper and paper towels. Necessities.

We stopped by Nine Mile for lunch. I went too spicy and had to stop in the middle of sentences.

That night, we went wine tasting at the Biltmore Estate thanks to Justin.

I confirmed that I hate wine after trying each and every one. I was completely wine drunk though.

We headed to the Grove Park Inn to see the gingerbread houses but seeing as I was done-for, we just headed to Elaine's Piano Bar for expensive but good drinks (rum and diet Coke for me) and some music. I was extremely excited even though they never played the song we requested, "The Thong Song." Yes, that old one by Sisqo. It's our anthem.

Finally, I met up with my former students who just turned 21 at the Asheville Brewing Company. We shared a pitcher and I talked a lot.

I was done by the end of the night and fell asleep when we got home around midnight!

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