Monday, December 3, 2012

MIMM: Revised holiday bucket list

My holiday bucket list from last week has evolved. Here's what was on it before:
  • Learn to can. I was given some awesome jars of preserves from one of my first Foodie Penpals - still have some!
  • Spend the weekend watching movies and vegging out. Um, I might do this all the time.
  • Bake gingerbread cookies or make a house.
  • Read 2 more books. Collapse is on the list and will take me awhile. A Walk in the Woods has been on the backburner for awhile, but I would love to read Gone Girl too.
  • See houses lit up for Christmas. There are some neighborhoods that go all out!
  • Try ice skating. Yep... 
  • Cook from Happy Herbivore! I keep seeing this on my feed and her recipes look amazing.
I already spent the weekend watching movies and vegging out though I haven't seen "Love Actually" yet. It's an annual screening for us.

Since I've planned some awesome trips, my list had to be completely revised for more exciting things.
  • Watch "Love Actually" with my former roommate!
  • See gingerbread houses and drink egg nog.
  • Finish Collapse.
  • See houses all lit up for Christmas. Still happening.
  • Buy boots. I also need a jacket of some sort and maybe better skinny jeans. The ones I have fit my legs but are loose on the waist. Some basic tops would be good too.
  • Get drinks with my former students. A lot of my former students have already turned 21 and are even in grad school, but my first freshmen turned 21 this year!
  • Buy and wrap gifts. I LOVE wrapping gifts. I have to get some chips for Yancey (Flamin' Hot Lays, his favorite) among other things when I get to Asheville, a gift for my friends' 1-year-old son, and I'll likely buy quite a few drinks on vacation. Other than that, I'm just wrapping some gifts for my family (iPhone cases) and that's it!
  • Listen to Christmas music every night! Music doesn't phase me so I won't get sick of it!
  • Kiss someone I know. I saw this on Fitnessista's list and will definitely make a point of hugging and kissing tons of people maybe even those I don't know. :)
I've transitioned to oatmeal for the winter! I made my first batch of egg white oats today. It took awhile but totally worth it.

I started my bucket list by buying a pair of boots. I went out and met up with my co-worker. She was super helpful. I actually bought two pairs but am returning this first one. *I'll get a picture of the pair I'm keeping later.

I liked the height of these...

They're kind of like cowboy boots.

I napped after work, fell asleep (again!), and was almost late to my Zumba class! After the post-workout shopping and then helping my cousin buy a office gift, I didn't get dinner till 10 P.M.

Have you ever been so busy that you had to eat so late? I thought about just having a smoothie but went with a chicken nori roll with cauliflower rice, avocado, and plain Greek yogurt.
Where did you buy your boots? What color/kind do you have? I decided to go with brown leather boots. While black matches with more, I like the look of brown much more. I may look for a black pair too.

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