Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIAW: Fresh breath

I've had a green juice at least every other day. Sure, I could make my own, but Mother's uses organic ingredients that would cost me so much more to purchase on my own.

I haven't eaten a ton of meat lately and woofed down half of this meal: rotisserie chicken breast + Trader Joe's salsa verde.

Quest bars have been a quick and easy tummy-calming snack/meal. I love chocolate chip cookie dough and tried the banana nut muffin. Liked it!

Lemon cream pie was okay.

More liquids in the form of Plant Fusion's chocolate protein powder

Monday morning prep: oatmeal protein pancakes and a chocolate protein shake

I ate all the cherries in this bag immediately. Now I don't want the rest. :(

I finally opened up my fitmixer clean energy and used it pre-CrossFit yesterday. It helped me get in 30 sumo deadlift high-pulls in 1 minute!

Post-WOD chocolate-cherry protein shake and a read:

I got a call from the other school I interviewed with - it's a no-go. Sucks, but I'm still grateful to get an interview without the credentials and rock the interview.

That just meant I was a nervous wreck all night. I never knew I could have butterflies while asleep, or rather, half asleep. Worst night of sleep ever!

I started by going to Office Depot to buy supplies for a better portfolio. The woman who works there gave me her number so we can chat about teaching. Hah.

I found my awards from college. :)

My friend Sara also gave me some other advice, including...

I went to 6 A.M. CorePower yoga 2 with my brand new friend who I met on Saturday, and "breathed."

Sara also told me to make a list of things I'm grateful for. Here ya go, and now it's time to get dressed for this thing!

Send good vibes!

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  1. Happy WIAW! I have never had Mother's Green Juice. Thanks for the tip. Have a great 4th of July. :-)