Monday, July 22, 2013

MIMM: That summer

Do you remember that summer? That summer when you stayed up late, sat in front of bonfires, drank beers and took shots, chatted up strangers, and maybe even had a summer fling?

That was the summer of 2009 when I was 22, and I abstained from any fun in summers and years after. I struggled with life and I moved. Now I'm trying to restore balance.

I'm not 22 anymore. I'm 26, but a summer of nostalgia is something I deem appropriate right now.

You can call it a partying binge. Give me a break though - I honestly haven't been very social since 2010... and it's only a month and a half of craziness. Then it's back to being perfect. ;)

Onto my favorite day of the week this summer, Monday, because I don't work.

Finally some MARVELOUS normal food: $2 kombucha and oatmeal protein pancakes

Vendors brought their foods in for a competition. I skipped the fried fair food in lieu of semi-MARVELOUS chicken kebabs.

I was introduced to this MARVELOUS brand at Blend Retreat and snagged one for a quick snack.

MARVELOUS Thursday night at Dave & Buster's to hang out

 MARVELOUS Friday meet-up with high school friends

Brought other Julie along too.

New dress :)

We went to a Korean restaurant/bar.

No food was involved actually.

I took a MARVELOUS nap after work on Saturday night then headed to a housewarming party.

Our MARVELOUS fruit carver finished his weekly themed creation: underwater theme.

I scored a free Scorpion pepper plant that's supposed to be spicier than a ghost chile!

MARVELOUS Sunday dinner at Seasons 52 again! I went with my co-worker Cayla after work to celebrate our "Friday."

I got the strawberry-basil fusion and shared the summer fig & goat cheese flatbread, both of which they ran out of last week. For my entree, I chose the shrimp & scallop ceviche and for dessert, the caramel macchiato mini indulgence.
On tap for today:
  • Sleeping in, which actually didn't happen - I only slept till 8 A.M.
  • Homework
  • Updating mom's pet license for her dog
  • Work out
How are you enjoying this summer more than summers past?


  1. Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your day off, and sleeping in!

    Loving the pancakes, they look so good!

    Have a good day love!

  2. Happy Monday Julie! Looks like you had an incredible the dress!