Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WIAW: Blends, Palm Springs, Belated Birthday

I've worked a lot lately and unfortunately, haven't been great about prepping food. My day consists of protein shakes, Quest bars sometimes, carrots, chicken, and peanut butter on [organic] bread. No frills. 

That is, until the weekend. Then I'm drinking and eating out. This only happens in the summer, and I'm happy to say the food is amazing and totally worth it!

On Sunday, I met up with my Blend friends: Gena, Lauren L., and Lauren K. at Seasons 52. Both Laurens were visiting from Washington!

How did I not know about this place?! Everything is under 475 calories and they have skinny cocktails. I rolled with chilled lobster and shrimp spring rolls with 3 different sauces, a Hawaiian coconut cosmo, and some of Gena's matcha salt edamame.

Dessert: Meyer lemon pound cake shot.

My cousin was visiting from Calgary and wanted to hit up the outlets in Cabazon. We did a bit of shopping - I bought a dress, bra, and t-shirt - and then headed to Palm Springs for lunch.

I finally got to eat at Cheeky's and we went all out! We each started with the bacon flight (like a beer flight but with bacon). I got the master cleanse (kale, lemon, maple, & cayenne) and BLT, which I ate open-faced and some sweet potato fries. Everything on the menu looked amazing!

I was so full that dinner never happened. Instead, we had frozen yogurt from my favorite place (unpictured)!

Tuesday was a real day off. I went to the gym (for the second time in a week only!) and took a step & strength class. I intended on going to BodyPump after and yoga at night but decided to pace myself.

Favorite colors?

Plus, Peter, his girlfriend Rachel, Carol and I went out to a belated birthday dinner at Slapfish.

Lobster dip and sweet potato tater tots to share, and a Mission Brewery Hefeweizen beer.

Street seared fish tacos, but I omitted most of the corn tortillas because I don't like corn tortillas...

I also stopped by my aunt's to give her a birthday card and fruit tarts.

Mmm, lots of delicious eats sandwiched with a few days of green juices, protein shakes, and clean eating.

What do you enjoy during the summer? Food or fun. I love going out to eat, but mostly, I enjoy hanging out with friends... and they just tend to eat.

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  1. Some really tasty looking eats! and what a great concept for a restaurant to base all their dishes under 475 calories! I'm counting down the months until Summer gets here, this Winter has been terrible!