Monday, July 8, 2013

MIMM: 4th of July weekend

4th of July was busy and fun.

I got ready for my workout in festive colors.

I started with a workout with me and 50 strong and sexy people.

The ladies got brand new shirts.

Strong > skinny

We warmed up with bear crawls, which were also part of the WOD in addition to partner run, overhead plate lunges, and burpees.

I left and met up with Peter for a party in the Huntington Harbor. We were treated to hydro bikes, paddle boards, a Duffy boat, and a giant hamster ball.

Plus beers and antics with these people.

Whoa, too close up there.

I headed to another party with my vodka-soaked gummy bears, wine, and pinata.

Of course, I played a few games of beer pong. I played against this lovely couple.

On Friday night, we did it again for Ryan's birthday.

Me & Jessica

Me & John

Julie and I with new friend Bryant

I recuperated on Sunday with an easy hike in Whiting Ranch with Peter, Lawrence, and Bryant.

Peter and I got post-hike acai bowl from Acai Republic, and funny thing - Lawrence & Bryant ended up there too!

For dinner, my cousin Chris treated me out to happy hour dinner at George's Greek Cafe. I had some lamb chops, shared some appetizers, and had a $2 Hillas beer.

We had some grandeur plans for my birthday tonight but decided against them so instead, I'm at home watching "The Call." It's pretty darn scary too!

Suggestions for my birthday?


  1. Okay, hold on ... a giant hamster ball?? I want to do this!

  2. Okay, hold on ... a giant hamster ball?? I want to do this!