Monday, July 1, 2013

MIMM: Summer BBQs & Bowling

Don't know why I don't paint my nails more often! They look MARVELOUS!

Green juices are MARVELOUS for summer! are MARVELOUS pool parties/BBQs. No swimsuit for this girl though.

I mean, how can I compete with those MARVELOUS abs?


Actually we can!

My MARVELOUS partner-in-crime and I killed it. Our challengers had to do burpees.

MARVELOUS afternoon...

 ...followed more fun at night. Except I don't remember anything. Not so MARVELOUS.

 Thank goodness I found my phone so I could put it all together.

 I immediately went to work. 

I grabbed a MARVELOUS salad from Greenleaf Gourmet: lemongrass chicken salad without the dressing.

It was my lucky day. I did some physical labor but came home with this baby!

I proceeded to sleep at 8:45 and wake up 11 hours later.

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  1. The pool parties and BBQs that come with summer are so marvelous- I couldn't agree more! And all that sleep isn't all too shabby either ;)